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Our Green+ Service

We're targeting the most pressing challenge facing America's $700 billion trucking industry: emissions.

The TNS enables any shipper to meet their emissions, cost, and capacity targets with a minimal of overhead and a focus on transparency.

No Subscription

We don’t charge you a subscription fee. Our pricing is 100% based on the freight spend you have on the TNS. We have a reasonable charge of $249 per carrier for set-up of their TNS dashboard.

Rewarding Performance

We've crafted our fee structure to reward performance. The more freight volume you have on the TNS, the less we'll charge you. Large shippers moving more than $5,000,000 per month in freight spend on our platform are charged less than 2% of their freight spend.

Try it!

Enter your current & monthly freight spend in the fee calculator to see an example of our pricing model.

We recommend starting with a target freight spend 5% below what you're paying currently.