"No bird soars in a calm." - Wilbur Wright

About the TNS

Probity's Transportation Network System (TNS) is designed to increase your environmental awareness, reduce your costs, and improve your access to truckload capacity. The TNS is superior to traditional RFP processes, requires no engineering integration, and gives you the information you need to make the right decisions at the speed of business. We use the latest science and advanced technology that integrates with carriers to provide real-time access to truckload capacity, rates, and emissions - see more here.

Move With Agility

Biannual RFPs aren't fast enough to allow your business to keep up with a rapidly-changing market. Probity's TNS can help you secure committed capacity for start dates only a week or two in the future.

Concierge Service

Don't worry about engineering integration - we've got you covered. We're happy to work with the lane data format that's convenient for you. Just hit the 'export' button and leave the rest to us.

Oceans of Capacity

The TNS improves the ability of carriers to provide committed truckload capacity for even your largest lanes. We prioritize working with carriers with the highest standards of service and who are also part of the EPA's SmartWay program.

Take Control

Probity works under the Priceline model: tell us your target cost per mile, and we'll find capacity that meets your pricing goals.

Lower Cost & Emissions

Probity's fee model rewards you for increased use of the TNS. Our Green+ service will enable you to lower emissions as well as freight costs. You choose which carriers you'd like to participate on the TNS.
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We work with the largest transportation networks in America and Canada to reduce empty mileage. Trucks run empty 35% of the time generating 444 million tons of CO2 in the US alone.

Modern Architecture

Probity's TNS leverages cloud-based technologies to provide a resilient, scalable platform. Our motto is "leading-edge, not bleeding-edge": our technology is as flexible as it needs to be, and as simple as it can be.

Network Communication

The TNS supports advanced data management, ease of access, and communication between shippers and our network of providers.